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One of the biggest risks to you and/or your business is that your computer may become infected with a virus, worm or spyware which could eradicate your data, access highly personal/confidential information about you and/or your clients, send spam from your email address, create DDOS attacks…. and generally cause havoc on a large scale, causing you to take time out to clean up the destruction created by the malware. With these malicious software attacks being currently so prevalent, it has never been more important to protect your Windows server as much as you can using anti-virus software which is suitable for your particular needs.

Windows Server Antivirus seeks to provide you with a comprehensive database of information about the anti-virus software packages available to you, from the main contenders such as Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee and Sophos to the many free packages available. We will provide detailed consumer reviews and ratings highlighting the pros and cons of the packages on the market, explaining the differences between the packages, outlining their particular features and exploring whether the free software available to you will provide adequate protection for your Windows server, based on your specific requirements.

In addition, Windows Server Antivirus will provide regularly updated information and opinion on upgraded software, any major changes to the products on the market and news and information relating to the protection of your computer. Anti-virus packages are regularly updated with new versions becoming available for purchase with increasing frequency and we will keep you informed of these changes as and when they occur, commenting on the implications and effects of the same.

We aim to enable you to make an informed decision about which anti-virus software package is right for you and to help you gain a clear understanding about what you do (and don’t) need in order to obtain the ultimate protection for your data. Depending on your computer activity, i.e. whether you use it for work, for pleasure or for research purposes, you may need a high level of protection or, alternatively, you may find that your needs are adequately covered by one of the more basic packages. Let us guide you through the minefield of options to arrive at a decision which will offer you the right level of protection.

Whether you are looking to purchase anti-virus software for the very first time, or are considering changing or updating your existing software, Windows Server Antivirus will act as your first port of call to assess the steps you need to take to limit your computer’s vulnerability to malware.